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    fortran programing


      I'm a user of the Intel Fortran 11 from Republic of Korea. And, I'm a

      graduate student at Pusan National University.

      I'm using your Fortran program for my researches. My lab, Simulation

      Innovation Lab, that is surveying and

      researching in naval architecture and ocean engineering.


      To improve our research, I want ask some questions to you.


      1. If I link some obj files of different programs, are they having a

      collision between their global variables?


      2. I'm running some calculation program(it called A), A is open

      sourced program, And also I have another calculation program(It Called


      but B is a commercial program so that it is not open sourced.

      Actually,  I want to pass a output from A to B while A is still


      and then the data, which is output from the B, is going back to A as a input.

      So, This is my question: Is it possible these kind of operation

      through modify to the source of A or change some options of

      your Fortran program?



      I looking forward to your helpful answer. Therefore,  I expect that it

      would be improved our researching style and  good output.


      Thank you.






      Jung-Woo Nam