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    Intel HD 530 gpu compatibility with dual monitors using mDP daisychained


      Hi there!


      I just got two Dell U2717D's that I wanted to hook up using the DisplayPort (DP) connection from my integrated Intel HD 530 graphics chipset. Dell's instructions explain that you hook up the monitors starting with connecting the DP out from the graphics card to the miniDP port (in) on the first monitor, then using the DP out port on the first monitor connect the second via the miniDP port (on the second monitor). Upon start up the monitors should both be found and then you go through the usual process to identify the screens, set your resolution, etc. My problem is that I have not be able to get Win10 (Pro 64bit) to recognize the second monitor. The HD 530 is reportedly DP1.2 compatible, as are these two monitors. Both monitors work, however the second monitor only clones the first and does not seem to exist in windows.


      So far, I have spent a day and half researching why the second monitor is not recognized as a unique unit and have come up dry. The drivers are all up to date for the motherboard, HD 530 and all the hardware on my rig. I have spent countless hours on Dell's website as well as Intel's trying to find a viable solution to this issue. I even went through Gigabyte's site hoping to find some way to fix this. No luck there!


      Anyone have any suggestions? I really would appreciate it if someone could provide a suggestion that would help me resolve this mystery.