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    Intel Optane with 832A chipset



      I have a laptop(hp-bs145tu) with i5-8250u processor and the 832A chipset

      I also have an UEFI BIOS

      There is an M.2 Slot on the motherboard, is it possible i can accelerate my 1TB 2.5" HDD with an intel optane Memory?


      Also please suggest the size of the optane memory that would be adequate for acceleration?

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          I have absolutely no idea where you came up with the 832A chipset id; there is simply no such chipset. Your laptop has a Core i5-8250U processor. This processor is an Embedded SOC (System-On-A-Chip). It has an integrated 100 Series Platform Controller Hub (PCH); there is no separate chipset (per se).


          Whether or not your laptop can support the use of an Optane module is dependent upon whether or not the manufacturer included support for Optane in its board and BIOS implementations. You need to contact HP to get this answer...



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