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    Intel Graphics 630 problem with the 3d graph, when I use VJ software Resolume.



      My laptop is pretty good and new:


      with 16Gb RAM memory,

      Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Dedicated video memory 4Gb.

      I chose it specially to can use it with Resolume.



      But there is some issue and when I see the Task Manager

      the problem is with the [b]GPU of Intel(R) HD Graphics 630 - the 3D graph[/b].

      And the parameters are getting over 90%,

      when I work with Resolume,

      with not so big resolutions.

      My visual files and the configurations are just HD.

      And the problem comes for example when I play videos on only 2 layers for 15-20mins.



      Any ideas and suggestions?

      Maybe some settings of the Intel Graphics have to be changed?

      Thank you for the attention.