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      i ve a pen4 3.4, i would like to get a pen 4 quad  do they make a quad  for the 775 socket,and im new at this ,mb d915pgn, chipset 915p/i915g.

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          This is link where you can get all the tested and supported processors for this board:



          Let me know if you need any information.


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            From the link in the first reply, your motherboard supports only the Prescott (90nm) single-core processors. It cannot support any dual-core processors or 64-bit processors due to the limitations of the desktop board's 915P chipset. And there has never been a quad-core Pentium 4 processor manufactured at all for any socket. Intel would not produce consumer quad-core processors until the Core 2 era, which the 915 chipset does not support at all.


            Nor does the D915PGN desktop board support even the single-core Cedar Mill (65nm) processors at all, let alone the Smithfield and Presler dual-core processors. Plus, the D915PGN had already been EOL'd by Intel as of 2007.