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    No HDMI audio and video flickering issues 8i7HNK1


      i purchased a new Hades Canyon, and started using it today. Already I’ve encountered a few major issues, and I think I’ve seen threads from other people with similar problems.


      Firstly, when using an hdmi output, the computer fails to recognize the television(or monitor, I tried both)as being available. The headphone jack works fine, but neither of the hdmi outputs seem to work. I’ve tried multiple screens as well as different hdmi cables.


      Secondly, when attempting to watch a video, more often than not I’m seeing a large amount of video flicker. Videos streamed in iTunes are al,ost unwatchable because of this. Videos off of an external hard drive I have are better, but still not good.


      I have Windows 10 home installed, and have updated to bios 40(the latest one I could find for this unit).