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    Intel aero RTK integration




      I'm working toward integrating the HERE+ rtk module with intel aero for RTK GPS testing.


      I did come across the following link -

      HERE+ with Intel RTF  · Issue #248 · intel-aero/meta-intel-aero · GitHub


      which talks about the magnetometer selection (since the HERE+ has four mags I believe).


      I'm not sure about the changes required to be made to the init.d startup file. Can i edit this file on my own?
      What steps should I take after editing it?



      HERE+ has following four magnetometers: HMC5983, LIS3MDL, AK09916 and MPU9250.

      How can I check if these are already defined in the init.d file?

      Also, any recommendations on which one of the mags to use (since the flight controller will only use of them at a time)?