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    SMBIOS Information Not Displaying in Windows 10




      I recently started deploying around a dozen NUC's and I am running into an issue. Due to asset and imaging requirements, we require the SMBIOS to be filled out with the serial number, manufacture and internal asset tag. Before you say you have to use tha ITK to push this data in.. I know.




      You can see in the image above I have configured the SMBIOS settings the way we need them to be configured. Once this was complete I deployed our image and notice the drivers' injection script was very fast. So I logged into the machine once the image was deployed and noticed that I was unable to get the information required from the command prompt.


      BIOS issue.PNG


      I have since reflashed the bios and even reset the SMBIOS settings and I am still unable to get this to work on 4 of my devices, some were working on previous BIOS version and are no longer on the latest.


      I have about 5x NUC6i3SYK's and 8x NUC7i3BNK's ALL on their respective latest bios firmware. Some work some don't in both types. Most are imaged to UEFI windows 10 64bit using the same base image. We have 3 with a Windows 7 Image (Same Base)





      You can see from he above I have 3 stuck at the top and then the 3rd one in the second section I made a type and I am unable to correct it in the model number field.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.