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    [S5520SC] Intel embedded Server Raid II [slow; writeback cache not able to activate]




      My system configuration:



      2 * X5660
      6 * 4 GB Kingstons RAM
      8800GTS 320MB

      2 * Intel SSD X25-M

      OS: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2


      I've created a raid 0 volume with my two ssd drives. The performance sucks! (had a ICH9R P35 Chipset and reached nearly 550 MB/s with read and 180 with write, no hangs, no problems - now with embedded raid II i only reach about 210 MB/s read, 80 write and when an application is installed everything else hangs!)


      I think the problem is the write back cache, it is enabled in the settings (according to raid-bios and webconsole) but the checkbox on the volume in the device manager is not checked, if i try to do so a error message appears saying windows is unable to change the state of write back cache.


      Any ideas so far?


      My wish would be to run the Intel Rapid Storage Technology on this Board, since I only want Raid-0 and no Server-features!!! (i also want to utilize the TRIM-Commands which are available in the newest driver release - THAT would be great!!) - if anybody can make me a bios with RST instead auf IESRT2 i would be REALLY greatful!! - but that's just a sidenote!


      Hope somebody is able to help me!




      best regards