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    Upgraded RST, Disk caching disabled


      I was thinking about trying Optane and so I started to take a look at my RST software.  I noticed that there was an update from the version I was running 15.X, which I was running from the OEM software to 16.0.2 on Intel website.  I downloaded the software from Intel and installed it.  After install it told something along the lines that my driver 15.X was not compatible with drive acceleration.  I figure I would just need to recreate the caching setup and deleted the cache.  After I deleted it, was unable to find a way to accelerate my HDD.  After some troubleshooting, I noticed that the BIOS firmware for RTS was also 15.X so I then upgraded my BIOS to the latest from ASUS (1606).  At that point my BIOS RST was also running 16.0.2 however I was still unable to find accelerate my HDD in my list of options.


      I have done a fair amount of install and uninstall so at this point my computer is the following configuration.


      Downloaded latest RST from ASUS website

      installed driver

      Install software

      I have attached a system report and SSU report to this.