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    Problem with newest GMA 3150 Driver (


      Hi there,

      first, sorry for my bad english.


      I have a big problem with the newest intel gma 3150 driver ( on my Samsung N220 Netbook.


      When it is installed i "can`t" adjust the brightnes level of my screen, no + , no -. I can adjust the level but it has no effect, none with the samsung energy safe profil or with the standard windows profiles.


      i use the samsung display manager to use the FN Keys but when i use die FN Key for the birghtnes the Adjustlevel is locked, no Function.


      When i use the older driver (first release) its all oki.


      The Problem exists on both, windows 7 ultimate x64 and the 32 bit version, with the Samsung Display Manager and also without it, i can lock the problem to the new driver version.


      any tips or solutions?