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    i5 7200u/620HD And Struggling To Get More Than 40FPS On CSGO And Overwatch. Please Help


      I know my laptop is not a gaming laptop by any means however, CSGO and Overwatch are both suppose to be games that can run on my system without much problem. CSGO on low/medium/high runs around 40-50 FPS and remains there for all levels of graphics. The FPS does get north of 100 but only in the menus. I have seen from videos and friends that I should easily be able to get north of 80FPS on low in CSGO on my system. In terms of Overwatch I am playing at 50% render scale, 720p, and all low settings and struggle to get over 35 FPS.


      I am getting frustrated as everyone I go to ask for help I am told that yes something seems to be wrong but no one can tell me how to resolve it. I am hoping going to the forum of my computer brand will help. The laptop as a whole runs well, I keep it updated from virus, malware etc, daily. It is growing more and more frustrating as I know my laptop can do more and its seems like something is holding it back during gaming sessions.


      Any help would be great!