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    DP55KG Just crashed code 13 on LED


      My system just crashed out of the blue. I was just playing Pandora internet radio on explorer with nothing going on in the background, no other apps running at all. The screen went completely garbeled and the music stoped into a high pitched shound. I had the cover off and I looked at the LEd display and it read 13.


      I hit the restart button and it came back up normal.

      The computer had been on for a couple of days.


      Any clues?

      How could I even begin to trouble shoot this?



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          Did it again

          This time it just shut down, as if I hit the reset button.

          Same scenario as before. Just explorer running. since this time it didn't freeze i could not check for codes on the motherboard LED 


          MY system


          i5 750 @ 3.2

          Corsair Dominator 8-8-8-24  XMP profile 1600

          Radeon 5670



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            Son of a bitch... It did it again. Same scenario as the first. The screen went garbled, music went high pitched then it restared this time all by itself. NO CODE 13 this time or at least I didn't see it since it happened kind of fast.


            I though i was buying an solid "intel" board. lol...

            Beuler?.... Beuler?.....Beuler...?