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    Two different RST Drivers???


      Hello all.  Hopefully I can get an answer to my question here.  Thanks in advance.

      Why are there 2 different RST Drivers?  iata96enu and stor_allOs_960.1014.  Is there any difference in these two drivers?  Two different drivers of different size. On the page for the STOR_ driver it says RST Driver for Intel Desktop Boards.  On the page with the iata96enu driver it just says rapid storage technology.  I have a ASUS P7P55D-E Pro board and an Intel X25-M 80 gb SSD (one drive NO Raid).  I loaded the Stor_ driver and all appears to be working well then I found the iata96enu driver???  Come on Intel not all of us are exceptionally gifted in computer science.  Can someone please explain?



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          Under Intel chipet software downloads:


          • iata96enu.exe = RST with English only installer
          • iata96cd.exe = RST with (as it says) Multilanguage installer


          Under Intel Desktop Board downloads:


          • STOR_allOS_9.6.0.1014_PV.exe = RST Multilanguage installer.

            This file is the same as iata96cd.exe - The checksum is the same, so Intel have just renamed this to iata96cd. This is to with timing, as the package was first released under Intel Desktop Boards, then released to the "general" chipset area.


          In short, they are the same drivers. Just different language support with the installers.


          Similar scenario for the "F6" driver only packages. The drivers are exactly the same, except there's a readme in one that's not in the other, and the F6readme has some different licencing details at the bottom. But the key thing remains, they're the same drivers. Do not worry.

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            Thanks very much for straightening this out for me!  Appreciated!