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    Drivers for Intel UHD 630 (i7 8750H) and some unusual freezing


      Recently I bought a new laptop MSI GE 73 Raider RGB 8 RE with Intel i7 8750H, Intel UHD 630 and gtx 1060 inside and during a week i suffered from strange problem.When i run some applications like Skype, Discord, Opera, Chrome, Battle.net, Uplay, i have a system lagspike (win 10 home) for 0.5-1.5 sec. So as mouse and voice. Another applications like games, sony vegas 12 pro and e.t.c have not this problem - run normally.

      Safe mode of OS has not the problem - all runing ok.

      I tried to install latest drivers for all and update everything - no results. And I accidentally discovered the reason when I installed a new driver for Intel Graphic and chose do not to reboot the PC. Freezing disappeared, but after rebooting appeared again. When I removed the driver completely - problem gone again. At that time, I realized what the problem was with the new graphic core and its software. If i install the driver again, it does not matter which version - latest or previous versions - freezing appear.
      As a temporary solution, I switch all the applications to the nvidia graphics card, but still sometimes the problem occurs.


      https://yadi.sk/i/tZASBziy3WqNnP  - video


      Hope someone know how to fix this bug, or intel programmers will be able to fix this in future updates.