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    Realsense Python API for transforming pixel to world coordinates




      As part of my research, I am using the D415 Realsense camera to capture depth images of an object randomly placed on a table (I am using only depth images). I used image detection to find the exact pixel in the depth image representing the center of the object, and I would like to know how to transform from that pixel position (row, column) in the depth image to the real Cartesian position (x,y) in the world, where the real depth and z are known (the images are always being taken from a certain known position above the table). I work with Python on Ubuntu 16.04. I looked at Projection in RealSense SDK 2.0 but couldn't find my answer.


      In addition, how can I get the exact field-of-view of my specific camera?

      In the specs documents there is a tolerance of +/-3 degrees and I need the accuracy of 0.01 degree.