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    Need replacment for processor D 950

      I have a Pentium® D Processor 950 (HH80553PG0964M) that needs to be replace but this processor has past its end of life. I don't want to replace the motherboard and memory, does anyone know of a suitable replacement and possible with a newer generation processor?

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          To determine whether you can use a "newer" processor or not we need to know the exact motherboard and chipset that you're currently using. Many Pentium D motherboards with older chipsets do not support any newer processors at all.

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            Contact the desktop board manufacturer so they can provide you the list of tested processor. Most desktop board manufactures post this information on their support website.

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              Hello everyone,

              I have Dell 9150 i-net computer, still going strong but I have to replace Pentium D CPU 820(2.8)?

              Chipset: 945P, 2mb 1066 RAM, fsb 800, socket LGA 775. No Hyper-Threading on MB BIOS, I have to resort to newer Pentium.

              Any suggestion which one? The e5xx or e6xxx series?

              Thanks Jan

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                Unfortunately, you're out of luck there. This is because the Dell system's motherboard does not support any of the Core series processors at all even with the most recent BIOS revision released for that system. (And yes, the recent Pentium Exxxx series are all Core-based processors, not Netburst-based processors; in fact, the Pentium Exxxx series processors are actually reduced versions of the Core 2 Duo processors. The 9150's motherboard supports only the 90nm Prescott/Smithfield-core Netburst-based processors even with the most recent BIOS version.) And even if it did, you're restricted to the dual-core offerings using the older 65nm process. The Pentium E5xxx and E6xxx series processors all use the newer 45nm process, which no 945P desktop board ever supported at all due to hardware compatibility issues (for example, the voltage regulators on motherboards designed to support 45nm process CPUs are required to be much more robust than those on older desktop boards such as the one in your current system).

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                  Hello and thanks for reply!

                  I'm still a bit unsure. Look at Pentium e2220, its 65nm core 2 stripped down, no HT. Its p945p compatible, 2x the speed of mine d 2.8.

                  Its not dead, but I am not able to find any reseller.

                  See Intel->pentium processors overview.

                  I want to run linux in virtual mode besides Win on the PC, so i need VT as well as faster CPU.

                  The Dell xps 400 is similar to Dimension 9150, the documentation and BIOS are almost identical and BIOS upgrades are the same, I believe.

                  xps, the same chipset+ HT included, means runs core2 duo CPUs.



                  Dell™ XPS™ 400 Service Manual




                  Processor type

                  Intel® Pentium® 4 Socket-T with Hyper-Threading or Dual-Core support


                  2 MB




                  dual-channel 533- and 667-MHz DDR2

                  Memory connectors


                  Memory capacities

                  256 MB, 512 MB, or 1 GB

                  Minimum memory

                  512 MB

                  Maximum memory

                  4 GB

                  BIOS address



                  Computer Information


                  Intel 945P

                  Could You please direct me where to find HW specs?

                  Thanks Jan W

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                    The Pentium Dual-Core E2220 might not work on your system's board at all. All of the Exxxx-series Pentiums are derivatives of the Core 2 Duo processors - and the voltage regulators on the 9150's motherboard are too weak for any of the Core-based processors (this includes all of the Pentium E2xxx series, the Celeron 4xx series and the Celeron Exxxx series processors) or for any of the processors which use a 65nm fabrication process. As a result, you're permanently stuck with a Pentium D 8xx series processor with that system due to hardware compatibility issues. (I Googled for the XPS 400, and discovered that its motherboard would not work with even a 65nm Pentium D 9xx series processor, let alone a Core architecture processor. This is because 65nm processors have far more transistors than your system's 90nm processor - and processors with higher transistor counts require voltage regulators with much tighter tolerances than the ones installed on even slightly older motherboards.)

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                      see Intels documentation!

                      Which processor has most transistors?

                      E6600 # of Processing Die Transistors228 million

                      E2220# of Processing Die Transistors105 million

                      Pentium D # of Processing Die Transistors230 million

                      Thanks Jan W

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                        My mistake on the transistor count.


                        The truth is that the E2220 has the exact same VRM requirements as the Core 2 Duo E6600. And your Dell 9100's VRM is not tightly controlled enough for any of the Core 2 processors (including the Pentium Dual-Core Exxxx series processors). In fact, I did try an E2140 on a friend's XPS 400, and the system would not even POST at all (even with the latest BIOS version) - but instead, the voltage regulator on the system's board burnt out the very second I powered on that system (because the voltages delivered to the CPU went way out of spec for the desktop board's voltage regulator). And when that component burnt out, it took out the hard drive and the processor as well. And the Core 2 processors (including the E2220) run at a significantly lower voltage than the older processors, resulting in their requirement for extremely tight voltage regulation which the components on the slightly older systems simply cannot deliver.

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                          I asked You to read the manufactures, Intels specifications. I'm really sure they know better than You.

                          When e2220 (65nm) was lounched, the 945P chipset was a choice recommended by Intel, in 2 different configurations.

                          Look it up for Yourself!!! It still there!!!! The progress in processor development is exactly the opposite

                          Yours ignorant imagination.

                          Have You ever seen the specificatons for Socket 775? I dont think so.

                          If You managed to burn a MB, You did it for some other reason, not the compatibility one.

                          Stop waisting Yours and other peoples time.

                          Good by Jan

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                            Just because a chipset supports the E2220 does not mean that the rest of the desktop board's hardware supports it. (And yes, I did read the Intel sheets, as well as some of the other sources on the Web.) Your current Pentium D 820 is of a 90nm fabrication process, which operates at a higher core voltage than later 65nm process CPUs. Compatibility of such older desktop boards (yes, even those with later chipsets) is limited by the boards' VRM (which often cannot maintain stable voltages at lower settings as they were designed strictly for the CPUs that were in existence).


                            If you want to find out the processor compatibility, you should contact Dell about this. They will have a more specific answer about your particular system. And if your system refuses to even POST at all because of what you're trying to do, then don't blame me for this.


                            Update: I just checked the Dell forums and discovered that your Dell 9150 does not support any of the Core 2-based processors at all. (It does not even support the E2140, let alone the E2220, both which are in reality L2-cache-reduced versions of the Core 2 Duo.) It supports Pentium 4 and Pentium D processors only. Thus, the highest processor that you may use in the 9150 is a Pentium D 960. This is because the most recent BIOS version available for that system predates the introduction of the Core architecture processors such as the Pentium Dual-Core E2xxx series.


                            And yes, the XPS 400 that I mentioned above burnt out not because of the CPU, but because the PSU of that unit was failing. I took apart the power supply, and discovered bulging capacitiors inside (not to mention a blown out transformer). Normally, if that E2220 is installed on that 9150 board, the system would simply not POST.

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                              I asked Dell, they said its stripped down via BIOS Foxconn MB. Foxconn have only one  945P, they even list core2 on the original MB.

                              Not Pentium dual, but they were not around at that time.

                              Dell says nobody has tried it to their knowledge, so they can not warrant it will work with Pentium dual core..

                              There is nothing in the MB or BIOS that says it should not work, to their knwledge.

                              LGA 775 will instantly shut down power if there  is anything wrong with voltages, open or short lines.I am not worried to burn anything.

                              I have seen the community about attempts to upgrade to core2 duo.

                              9150 did not POST, so somebody concluded it is voltage, becouse the new CPU required more power..

                              It is not, it is stripped down BIOS, according to Dell. Note latest  Ps do require much less power.

                              Dell heavily costumizes their products, I have experienced a HD did not work in a specific Dell make,

                              because there was a list of permited of HD's in the BIOS.

                              Maybe Pentium Core  Duo is not mentioned in some list somewhere there as well, so I would like to hear somebody suceeded with that.

                              I have no hurry, I still have some months left of warrranty.  (5 years)


                              If You had an PSU accident, often there is a shorttime high voltage (before shorted conections burn out), that hits straight the MB, which

                              is very dead afterwards.

                              By Jan

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                                sspec could be on  the MB, otherwise see compatible processors at foxconn.