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    DH55HC & Intel i5-650 - External Graphics cause computer reboot

      We currently have a computer with DH55HC and an Intel i5 650, and everytime that we insert any pcie or pcie2 graphics card, the computer crashes and reboots just before reaching the Windows 7 login screen.


      We can get into Safe Mode without any problems and we have tried installing the drivers that came with the graphics card in Safe Mode, but the problem doesn't get solved.


      The computer works perfectly with its internal graphics, although it would also crash/reboot before we manually installed the drivers from the CD.



      Motherboard: Intel DH55HC

      Processor: Intel i5-650

      RAM: 2gb Corsair DDR3 1333mhz

      Internal Graphics


      We have tried:

      - Using a GeForce 9500 GT (PCIe) and a GeForce GT 240 (PCIe2), both 1gb RAM

      - Installing Windows 7 multiple times, 64-bit and 32-bit

      - Installing drivers while in Safe Mode

      - Installing drivers without the graphics card installed and then rebooting with the graphics card



      Any help would definitely be appreciated!



      Extra info:

      - Games work well on the internal graphics except for the normal poor graphics lag

      - At boot, there is one beep when starting up and showing the Intel splashscreen, then there is a second beep when the Windows loading flag appears