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    Processor-Halt: Any way to check WiFi 4965AGN function?


      I am getting a processor-halt (blue screen) saying PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGE_AREA (no driver file specified), and it always involves the following conditions:

      1. a bittorrent client (Vuze, or uTorrent, happens with both) is running at full throttle on the ADSL (4096 Kbps down, 800 Kbps up)

      2. it does not happen when the bittorrent client is open but bandwidth shut off

      3. it only happens with the wireless adapter as the network connection, not with the ethernet adapter

      4. it never happens with other network-using applications (Firefox or IE8, running with HD Flash video streams)

      5. it was not happening before 3-4 months ago with these bittorrent clients, and the hardware is original (it was running okay for a little more than 2 years)


      I would like to test the hardware somehow.  I can't recall if this started happening with an update to a later driver.