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    Raid 5 array not recognized by Windows Server 2003 after Expansion


      This is really freaking me out. I have P55 motherboard with the PCH chipset. The reason I purchased this board is because I saw that the Intel chips could finally support expansion. I had 3 2tb drives, which were working fine(except for the random drive error from matrix 8.8). I am now using Rapid Storage 9.6. I followed the instructions to the t. I plugged in the new hard drive, and selected add to array. I then rebooted the machine and of it ran. It took 3 weeks to complete!


      I am now left with an array that is not recognized by windows. It just says the drive is not formatted. It was still in the GPT format that I left it in, but somehow the drive was basic not dynamic anymore. So I converted it back to dynamic. Nothing. I have tried the repair option 4 times(desperate). Unplugged the added drive and removed it from the array, then rebuilt. Nothing. The Rapid Storage manager says the array is fine and working but windows does not recognize it correctly. I was hoping someone could help with this. There is 4tb of data at stake here. Thanks in advance.