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    Need help rebuilding RAID 10, nothing happens after i click rebuild


      howdy! first post to this community. thanks in advance for your consideration.


      After a disk failure, my raid 10 changed status to "degraded." I had 2 replacement drives ready to go, i should note they are a newer model number of the original raid hdds but same stats. I removed the problem drive with serial number listed in IRST. I added one of the replacement hdds and I see it as non-Raid member in Option ROM on boot and then I can see it as "available" outside the raid 10 group (picture 1). leads me to my first question, do i have to make the new disk a raid member? if so, how do i do this? I cannot do this in option rom, presently i can only set non-raid status or delete the raid volume.


      moving on,

      if i navigate in IRST to disk management and select the raid, I find the "rebuild to another disk option" (pic2)


      however if i click it and select the replacement hdd assign to port 3 - nothing happens. i let it sit for a day thinking maybe status might refresh, but nothing. (see pic3) can someone please help me understand why it won't rebuild?



      also, is it safe to update IRST via .exe installer while the raid is in the degraded state?




      evga z97 ftw mobo

      option rom ver is

      IRST ver is

      original hdd config: 4x500gb sata hdd (WD5000AADS) one of these failed

      replacement hdd: 1x500gb sata hdd to replace failed disk (WD5000AVDS)


      best regards,


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