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    Strange Output Pattern On Frames


      Hey can anyone explain where this strange rectangular pattern is coming from? It appears as an overlay that covers all of the IR frames received from the camera when sampling in the Y16 format (on d415). Here is a highly magnified image that shows the pattern. Does anyone know how to eliminate this from frames received? I would like to use the 16 bit depth over the 8 bit depth, but cant use frames in this state.



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          That looks like the IR projector pattern. You can turn off the projector, but the depth data quality may be affected if there is little texture in what you're looking at.

          To turn it off in C#:

          depthSensor.Options[Option.EmitterEnabled].Value = 0;
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            Hey jb455,


            We disabled the projector prior to sampling using


            ir_sensor.set_option(RS2_OPTION_LASER_POWER, 0);

            ir_sensor.set_option(RS2_OPTION_EMITTER_ENABLED, false);


            from (librealsense2 c++).


            This is also shot at the lowest gain setting of 16 on the scale 16 -> 248.


            Could there be any sort of post processing associated with the Y16 bit depth that isn't present in the Y8?


            In general any frames received from the pipeline while processing in Y16 appear more pixelated than there Y8 counterparts.


            Also if one compares Y8 and Y16 frames sampled at the same resolution, frame rate, with a static environment, the images do not line up with one another.


            Rather one looks more shifted than the other which suggests some sort of perspective correction is being applied.