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    Intel HD Graphics 630 BSOD "video_memory_management_internal" after updating to Windows 10 version 1803


      I am a Intel 600p SSD user my laptop is ACER VX 15 and this SSD was facing issue with this new update version 1803. Microsoft released the patch KB4100403. After the installation of the patch system is stable but now i am getting a new major problem and its a graphics driver problem. My computer is freezing on the startup of Windows 10. Its just freezes there and other times it give me this BSOD errorvideo_memory_management_internal. My laptop has Intel HD 630 graphics card and Nvidia GTX 1050Ti. Display is connected to Intel HD Graphics 630. I tried updating my driver to latest version but that doesnt work. I tried installing driver given on my manufacturer website and that also doesnt worked. Drivers given on my laptop's support page are out-dated. They have version on their website but the latest is But the thing is on both the drivers my laptop is freezing on the startup. So I have uninstalled the graphic drivers and now running Microsoft Basic Display Adapter . Now my laptop is working fine. Is it ok to run this graphic adapter from Microsoft as it is the only way right now for me. I have dump file too. I am attaching it. PLEASE HELP !


      MINIDUMP FILE : Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.




      So it was my stupidity. I have clean installed Windows 10 version 1803 and all of my drivers were removed. And i was just testing this new build on the drivers that were auto-installed from the windows update and those drivers were incomplete. So i installed the missing drivers from my laptop website and updated those drivers and now everything seems stable. System Device drivers were out-dated so i updated them. Installed the latest Graphics Driver from Intel website and now everything seems stable now, i have restarted my device multiple times, played some games for an hour and things are stable. I am so sorry for any inconvenience caused. If i found any problem in future i will inform then.

      Thank You.


      Everything is now up-to-date but now again my laptop is freezing on startup and sometimes giving same BSOD error. Had to install Basic Graphics Adapter again to make it stable.


      EDIT-3:- Problem is solved now. After posting this issue on my laptop's forum i found that others were also facing similar issue and it wasnt because of the Intel Graphics HD 630 but it was due to the latest driver update of Nvidia v397.93 after rolling back the Nvidia Graphics driver to old v397.64 everything is stable now.