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    Does D415 support 3D Scan?


      I try to upgrade my r200 to D415, but find out that there is no more "3dscan" sample in the RealsenseSDK2.0.

      Is the "3dscan" module developing or banned?

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          The 3DScan module is not banned.   RealSense SDK 2.0 uses totally different programming to the old Windows SDKs that 3DScan is part of, and so there would be no way to convert it for SDK 2.0.  Somebody may develop a replacement 3D scanning application for the 400 Series in the future (I have no knowledge about that) but for now, the process for 3D scanning with D415 is to take a 'point cloud' scan made up of a dot pattern and then convert it to a solid object in a program such as MeshLab.

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