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    i7-980X vs Dual Xeon E5620




      I'm assembling a self-built workstation only for After Effects CS3.

      Please advice out of these two which will be the faster & the best option ?

      I've never used server boards before. Will it everything run as smooth as desktop.?



      i7-980X, 3.33 GHz, Extreme Edition (12MB Cache 6.40 GT/s Intel QPI)




      Dual Xeon E5620, 2.4 GHz (12MB Cache 5.86 GT/s Intel QPI) - Please not its x2 Xeons





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          If you're not running it 24x7, the desktop might be the faster way to go.  You can also ask questions like this over in the Processor community http://communities.intel.com/community/tech/processors where they know more about specifics like that.

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            For desktop is better use the 980X....

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              well In theory the E5620 would give you more powerful rendering in general, as it would have more cores available to do work, and it would likely be a little cheaper CPU-wise, but you'd have to pay extra for a multi-socket board. it wouldn't be as "fast" clock speed wise. (2.4 GHz vs 3.33 GHz stock) CS3 does support multiprocessing if you enable it in your preferences. It is recommended to have at least a GB of fairly high speed RAM per core you're using to keep the cores fed. An x64 system with 6-12GB of DDR3 RAM would be good here clearly. I personally would recommend a i7 980x. I own one and they run very nicely for CS3, and you'd have the benefit of a higher clock speed and less need for more RAM, as well as less power consumption...instead of having added 2 extra 'slower' cores and paying for a dual socket board. Both would have benefits...so it more depends on whether you want more cores or a higher clock speed. I'd also like to throw out there that you'll need good cooling. these CPUs run hot. so make sure to get a well ventilated case

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                as for raw performance ( per core) the two options are pretty equal.  Of course, you get more cores loading up a workstation with a pair of e5620s, but at a slower frequency.  Another advantage of the Xeon base workstation is support for ECC enabled memory ( error correcting).  This might not be a big deal for casual users, but if you are running critical and large workloads, it is great to avoid memory errors.  I have been using a workstatin with dual xeon 5500s for some testing and have been thrilled with the rock solid stability with ECC memory vs when i was testing with non-ecc memory.