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    Cannot install Realsense DCM for integrated SR300 camera


      As mentioned in the title.

      Microsoft has recently updated the Windows 10 version to 1803, which disables my camera. I rolled back the Win10 version to 1709 where the camera used to be functioning but still cannot get it to work. Actually, I have gone through almost all other posts regarding the SR300 camera in the community, but still no luck. I have enclosed the files recommended by Intel, and thank you for taking the time to take a look for me. (Sorry that the screenshot is in Chinese. I am from China and use the Chinese version of Win10, and it seems impossible for me to change the system language to English. But I guess it is still readable if you compare it with other screenshots. The structure is similar. Feel free to ask me for translation. Many thanks.)


      Yeah, about my computer,

      Thinkpad S5 (I guess the model is E560P outside Chinese market.)

      THe SR300 camera is integrated in my computer so it is impossible to plug and unplug it and wait for automatic driver download.



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          Here is the manual in English for your model.




          Built-in RealSense cameras are unfortunately much harder to fix than the USB cameras when they stop working.  I usually recommend in these cases that a recovery boot is done (a special kind of Windows restore provided by the manufacturer that restores the machine to as-new, with all the software and drivers that came with it, including the RealSense camera drivers).


          Lenovo have a system installed on some of their products called OneKey.  It accesses a hidden partition on the hard drive to restore the machine to factory defaults.  This partition can be lost if the hard drive is wiped to reinstall Windows.  But as you have only done a rollback, you may still have the recovery mechanism installed on your S5.


          Reading the manual, I could not find evidence that your particular model has OneKey.  But it does apparently have a similar system for completely restoring the hard drive to factory-new.  Page 97 of the manual describes it under the heading 'Restore your hard disk drive to the factory default settings'.


          I would strongly recommend backing up any personal / work files you have on your S5 before doing a factory restore.