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    WiFi Link 5100 - How do I set it to prefer 802.11a over 802.11g?


      I am trying to get my WiFi Link 5100 to prefer 802.11a over 802.11g when both are offered.  The reason why is because I am in areas where both are offered from the same access point, but everyone connects to 802.11g.  Usually, 802.11g is painfully slow due to the sheer amount of connections and I must go into the card itself to set it to 802.11a only.  When I have it set at 802.11a/g, it still prefers 802.11g over 802.11a and I do not see any option to set it to prefer 802.11a over g.  There are other Intel cards that I have seen that do this, but this card seems to have that option missing.


      Does anyone know how to go about getting it to prefer 802.11a?