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    "Intel RTF drone motors does not arm" after crash




      After running my Intel Ready to Fly Drone flew into a brick wall building and landed on concrete floor. I'd say the drone had incurred considerable damage. The obvious outcome were that 3 propellers broke, and the GPS antenna broke.


      After this crash, the transmitter appears to bind to drone just fine (the LED on the Spektrum receiver is steady orange) but the motors do not want to arm.


      I have followed the "Getting Started Guide" repeatedly and have insured that the transmitter was on manual mode.

      I followed the "Why don't the motors arm?" at https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000023469/drones/development-drones.html, calibrating the sensors via QGroundControl. QGroundControl was also responsive on "radio setup" when I control the DXe transmitter .


      What are the possible reasons on why the motors do not want to arm? What are the recommended troubleshooting procedures I should perform?



      Ben Nguyen