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    Graphics driver screw-up


      I have a Lenovo ThinkCentre M90p (model 3557-A1G) with Intel HD Graphics running W7 Professional 64.

      The other day, Intel's Driver and Support Assistant utility suggested to update the driver. The installation process terminated because the "driver is not digitally signed". Ever since, my monitors are not recognized anymore, and I am left with no second monitor and only standard resolutions on the first. This is how Windows Device Manager sees my set-up:

      The message when trying to update is always

      Anybody has any clues?

      I am shortly before formatting the disk and re-installing Windows...

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello, Stephan55. Thank you very much for sharing your issue with the Intel Communities Team. I will be more than glad to assist you.

          Let us try this:

          1. Start Control Panel, click Hardware and Sound, and then click Device Manager.
          2. Expand "Display Adapter", right-click the Intel Graphics entry, and click Uninstall.
          3. On Confirm Device Removal dialog box, click Delete the driver software for this device option to delete the Intel HD Graphics driver then click OK to start the uninstall process. Repeat this process until you are able to see the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter on the "Display Adapter" entry.

          Once these steps are performed, please install the latest Intel® HD Graphics drivers for your system. Click here to download the drivers and follow this guide to complete the installation: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000005474.html

          Please be aware that the driver I am sharing with you is a generic driver from Intel® and some features of it might not be available for your machine, we always recommend verifying if there is any update with the manufacturer of the computer. Nevertheless, we can try to perform this troubleshooting step.

          Antony S.

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            Intel Corporation
            This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

            Hello, Stephan55

            I would like to double check if you were able to perform the troubleshooting steps that I attached to the post above and the results.

            Antony S.