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    Help me !!PLEASE!!


      I just purchased a Dell Studio 540 Mini and Dell would not tell me any info on my mobo, the only thing they told me it was made by Intel. here are a few specs.

      Mainboard: 0M017G

      Processors information

      Name: Intel Core 2 Quad q9400


      Socket: 775LGA

      Chipset: Intel P45/P43

      Can anyone please tell what kind of Intel MotherBoard I have??

      I'am going to be doing some upgrades to my pc like upgrading the case and psu and video card and maybe liquid cooling..

      I  need to know if it's a Mini Atx, Mico Atx or just a Atx and if anyone know of some Mod cases that will fit my Mobo? and mount holes line up

      Please any help would be nice...I ready to go ahead and buy so please...

      Thanks and take care..

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