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    Can't install SR300


      Hi All,


      I have tried every troubleshooting guide that I found here and I have become hopeless.

      My RealSense camera just stopped working. It appears as a USB device now, but it doesn't show as an Imaging Device/Camera

      Below are the things that I've tried:


      Windows® 10 Issues with Driver for Intel® RealSense™ Cameras SR300...

      Troubleshooting Intel® RealSense™ Camera Driver Installation

      Connectivity and Power Issues with Intel® RealSense™ Cameras

      **Updated with new Troubleshooting Steps** Workaround for Windows* 10 Updates Causing Malfunction with Intel® RealSense™ SR300 Camera Driver




      Acer Aspire VN7-792G


      16gb ram



      Would appreciate if anyone can help me with this. I need this for my work as I always have online meetings with colleagues and clients.

      Latest attempt of installation log attached for your reference.



      Thank you for taking time to read this.



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          If you need your SR300 camera for work conferencing, it should still function as an ordinary RGB video webcam in communications programs such as Skype even if there is a problem with its RealSense drivers.


          I went through your log but could not see an obvious cause of your problem.  Has your PC recently gone through a Windows update?  That is the usual cause of 'it worked fine until today' problems.  Some users have been having problems after Windows started rolling out its new 'April 2018 Update' (version 1803, build 17134).  You would know if your PC had installed the April Update, as there is a multi-stage questionnaire to answer once it has finished installing before you can start using Windows.


          You can check which Windows version your computer is using in the System Information window.  you can find this by typing 'system info' into the text box at the bottom of your Windows screen, next to the button used to shut the computer down.