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    Missing settings in graphics control panel


      So, about 5 months ago I bought a lenovo y700 everything was perfect until I noticed that the v-sync setting in the nvidia control panel wasn't working at all in any game and I was getting screen tearing in almost everything unless I use the v-sync setting directly from the game (not all games have this option tho) I read in the nvidia forum that this was related to Intel HD graphics, and the solution was changing the vsync option to driver settings in the control panel, but my panel don't have any "general settings" and in global settings I don't have any setting at all... Also I have tried to select one single application and apply the vsync to driver settings but its also not working.


      HD control panel.png


      I have already updated all my drivers to the latest ones, also using the ones that lenovo provides, but nothing is working... is this a hardware related problem? I am using the latest windows 10 build.

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          Hello, Sepht. Thank you very much for contacting the Intel Communities Team. I will be more than happy to assist you.

          The VSync should be handle on the Intel® HD Graphics Control panel > 3D General Settings > Custom Settings. If this is not available on the Intel® HD Graphics settings, probably the manufacturer of your computer disabled the VSync options so they can not be modified. Please get in touch with Lenovo* Support so they can let you know if this was disabled or if there is any other way to modify that.

          Antony S.