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    Software-related questions concerning the RS2


      I have come across the following issues:


      1) In the examples provided by the SDK, as listed below, the "data" frameset class is instantiated repeatedly inside the while loop. I wish to minimize the overhead in my application. Is it appropriate to define this class (once) outside the while loop? I am concerned that is I do so, there may be some undesirable memory-related effects.



      while (app) // Application still alive?


           frameset data = pipe.wait_for_frames(); // Wait for next set of frames from the camera




      2) I wish to copy the 16-bit depth data into my own previously-allocated buffer. What is the fastest execution method to achieve this? Ideally, I would like to use a function like memcpy to just dump the 16-bit values into my buffer





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          Hello MoA,
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          To answer to your questions:
          It is okay to instantiate the frameset outside of the while loop, there will be no adverse effects.
          It is also okay to use the memory function.
          I hope you find this information useful.   
          Please, let us know if further assistance is required or if we can close this case.
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