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    Server Power Supply Question - PFC


      I am wondering what kind of protection there is in server power supplies.  They do list that they are PFC power supplies, but not whether they are active or passive.  All documentation I've seen so far does not specify this.  Active PFC requires a pure sine wave UPS.  As a cost saving measure, non-sine wave UPSs are ordered for our clients.  If the power supplies are active, then we would make sure all UPSs have a pure sine wave.  Anyone have any knowledge of this?  Specific models of chassis we purchase are SC5650UP and SR1500.  Thanks!

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          If that information isn't in the Technical Product Specification, it might be in one of the regulatory documents at http://prodregs.intel.com/ProductIndexs/Servers/2006/SR1500.htm

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            Invalid link for me.  It is not in the Technical documentation.  I also called and spoke to 3 Intel technicians, including 1 in server support; none were able to verify anything but it being PFC.  Looking for active or passive.  Thanks!


            Edit: It could be a power supply under any server.  Not just my example servers.  So a lot of time was spent seaching individual server documents and my time on the phone with them was extensive as they browsed numerous documents as well.  I think their power supply vendor needs to be contacted, but they couldn't tell me who that was.  I assume they use multiple suppliers.  They all meet the 'specs,' but never say how they meet those specs; being active or passive.


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              I know they used to be Delta power supplies - I don't know if it's changed recently or not.  I checked Delta's website, but they don't seem to have any documentation at all.  A google search for 'active passive pfc' found a lot of discussions, but it seems half the respondants say it doesn't matter, and the other half says it does.


              I don't suppose you have an Intel sales representative, do you?