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    "Intel Optane Memory application ran into a problem"


      After an apparently successful installation of the SetupOptaneMemory.exe file and reboot, when I click on the "Enable" button to enable Intel Optane Memory, I get the error message:  "Intel Optane Memory application ran into a problem." There's also a pop-up error message at the bottom right screen: "Intel Optane Memory - An error occurred - Click here for more details." Clicking on the pop-up just reloads the Optane Memory UI and results in a repeat of the above.


      I was following the instructions that came with my NUC7i7BNH, but I first installed Intel RST by mistake, thinking there'd be an Optane folder in the driver package after extraction as according to the instructions. I then uninstalled the Intel RST, rebooted the computer, and downloaded the SetupOptaneMemory.exe file directly from the download webpage. I'm not sure if having done that's a part of the problem or not, but I've tried uninstalling the Optane Memory driver and reinstalling it several times to no avail.


      Also scoured the Internet for anyone else who might have had this problem. Found one post here, but it was unresolved.


      Any help will be appreciated.