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    Eta for D400 Camera inclusion into 3d scan apps


      I understand that the D415 and D435 are relatively new and don't have much support in existing apps yet.  As Martg explains,  there are workarounds: is there any 3d scanning software for  realsens... |Intel Communities


      I've tried point cloud scanning with my camera, with little to no success.  I'm torn between getting the RS300 that already has a lot of support, and the D415, which may eventually render the rs300 obsolete.


      I'm wondering whether anyone has any idea of if and when Realsense's apps like Easy 3d scan or 3DMe will  begin supporting the 400 series (spec. D415).  How does the 400 series using point cloud compare to the RS300 using the apps or my camera using point cloud?


      I don't mind waiting a few months for the development,  but I'm very eager to start scanning!