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      HI I have a mainboard DZ68DB / processor I5-2500K / ram CMX16GX3M2A1600C11  XMS3 . I've tryed also with another processor from the compatibility list .

      Problem : infinite restarting without video signal . If somebody cane give any help .... Thanks in advance

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          Is this a new system or an existing system. If existing, what changed? What was happening just prior to when the issue first appeared?

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            Hi and thanks for your answer


            New system . Tried also with cpu G530 . Same issue . infinite power on and off . Tried also to recover bios - also with no jumper to update . no start in video mode cause of infinite power on and off . Only without bios jumper no power on of . only power on and remains like that with fan spinning . The main it is on the table . Only cpu / ram / fan / key and mouse ( wireless ) used . No HDD , no additional graphic .


            Thanks again for the help

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              It likely won't make a difference, but try maintenance mode. Move the (yellow) BIOS Maintenance jumper from pins 1-2 to pins 2-3 and power on.



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                Hhmmm, after reading your description, I am inclined to believe that you were sold a dud board. It sounds like the BIOS is trashed.


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                  I suppose the same thing ...  If you will have some others ideas .......


                  Thanks for your support


                  All the best for you and all around