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    There is a case where Intel HD Graphics 630 can cause a eternal frozen/black screen with cursor that disappears and then random deformed "QR-Code". Can anybody tell me to get rid of it permamently or temporarily?


      Hey Discussion E here. Please help me. I had a rare bad case yesterday; What began: I insta-Chromed and then the computer froze. Got stuck for many hours trying to fix the permament frozen/black screen.


      Here's my laptop's (simple) specifications:

      Acer Aspire VX15

      CPU: Intel Core i7-7700HQ 2.80 GHz

      both GPU: Intel HD Graphics 630 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (Does it has to do too with BSOD?)

      RAM: 16GB DDR4

      Display: 1920x1080 Full HD

      Software: Windows 10 Home

      It has HDD and SSD as well.


      Predictable user questions and my answer:


      Q: How it happened?

      A: Easy, I just ran computer for 3 hours(?) and then restarted, logged in automatically and insta-Chrome. Next it was a frozen display. Even mouse and keyboard wasn't reacting except power button.



      A: I updated firstly my computer with newest Windows version, GPU and then at 18:50 almost all drivers . With latest version. Is enough actually. Updated for example system devices.


      Q: Uninstall...

      A: Uninstalled the GPU and some apps. Computer auto-installed GPU. I thought it worked and then restarted the computer. Got same black screen with cursors and weird "QR-code" as usual.


      Q: Can you reach the start without freezing/black screen?

      A: Only if Intel HD Graphics 630 is deactivated/deinstalled after going safe mode. But I must tell you; My computer freezes ONLY if I log in. There was no freeze before log-in.


      Q: What happens if you reactivate Intel HD Graphics 630 after the safe mode?

      A: Everything looks fine and fast until you restart and you get same frozen/black screen with cursor and weird "QR-code".


      Q: What could be the cause of it?

      A: Highly likely watchdog.sys, ntoskrnl.exe and dxgmms2.sys as it is marked as red by my program "BlueScreenViewer". However, program BlueScreenViewer considers that driver "watchdog.sys" is the cause of BSOD (=blue screen of death or similar).


      Q: Is NVIDIA the your gpu is cause too?

      A: If I remember correctly, this GPU is secondary to Intel HD Graphics 630, so that means, it helps Intel HD Graphics 630. But Intel HD Graphics does the display, and the BSOD is caused by Intel HD Graphics 630, so that means GeForce GTX 1050 Ti either way may or may not be partipicated in the problem.


      Q: Bug code?

      A: Bug code and name is: 0x0000010e and it basically means: VIDEO_MEMORY_MANAGEMENT_INTERNAL.


      Q: There are solutions provided by others...

      A: Too bad I can't take battery out since it's INSIDE of computer instead of being in a tray. And some solutions are for desktops rather than laptops...


      Q: Is there anything weird?

      A: "Blue Screen of Death" not actually showing up in many cases even though it is dumped in 100% cases. Basically, BSOD graphics got replaced by a non-frozen black screen with cursor and a weird "QR-code" as usual.


      Q: Can you show me the minidump and possibly photo?

      A: I can. Files in the down here. Photo will show the actual weird "QR-code" thing and a cursor if you ask me.


      So that's all what I saved you a few questions.


      However, this laptop is like others expensive; I don't want it happen again unless I delete accidentally.


      So the ONLY question is: How to fix it permamently or temporarily?


      I would be only happy to hear the solutions that ACTUALLY work.