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    D400 Series power consumption


      I referred to the "Power Requirements" Table under D400-Series Datasheet. It says VCC Nominal 5V, and Max current of 700 mA. So I assume power consumption could be as high has 3500 mW. I believe under different usage conditions, actual power consumed may be less, e.g. while not using the Laser. Also another table in datasheet mentions that default Laser power consumption is 240 mW. And it is selectable from 0-360 mW in steps of 30mW. So, even when the Laser is completely turned off the consumption can still be 3140 mW?


      These numbers are still in stark contrast w.r.t. what "Kinect for Azure" brief says, "225-950mW".  Can some one point out what are typical power consumption numbers on D400 series, in particular I am interested in D415 with Laser On. If D400 series consumption is indeed manifolds that of Kinect, can some one confirm that it is mainly due to on board D4 vision processor. I believe that the individual cameras won't consume more than about 100 mW each, so it should be primarily the D4 Vision Processor?