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    My Device Manager is no longer "seeing" integrated devices after Win10 Spring update


      I updated my RCA W101v2 (Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU Z3735F @ 1.33GHz) tablet with the spring update to Win10. Now my tablet no longer believes it has a speaker, integrated graphics, a micro sd slot with card in it, temperature monitor, battery monitor, or even a touchscreen. Please don't tell me to download the drivers for these things, because if the device manager can't see that you have them - THERE IS NO WAY TO UPDATE THE DRIVERS. I need a registry fix or something to make my tablet see it has all these built in things before drivers will do me any good. I do have the drivers, but as I said I have no way to install them.


      I will give you any further info you need about my system, just ask. I am a newbie here so if I've missed any regular protocols here, I apologize in advance.