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    Download the latest Intel Unite Server or Solution package


      Hello everyone


      The company I work for recently went to a tech show where Intel was showing their Unite software.
      I have then been tasked with the assignment to try to make it run, so we can see if it is something that we should implement in the company.
      However, the version I have gotten from Intel is not the latest. "Intel Unite Solution ver"

      I cannot find any form of download links anywhere or information about how to obtain the latest software.
      Not even Intel’s official documents helps me.


      Anyone here know how I can obtain the latest server software or solution package, so we can test the software on our company?

      I will try to see if their live chat ever opens up and then try to get the information there. If I get the necessary information, I will post it in this tread. However, up until then, I hope to get help here.


      Thanks in advance.