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    suggestions for upgrade my cpu???


      Hi my friends, i need some help for update my cpu,  i have a notebook asus M51SN-B1, with a processor intel core 2 duo  T5550 1.83 ghz , i used the cpu-z program, and it says i have a socket P  478,and i want change my cpu for another  with more speed,  the maximum, and i need know what model of intel it's compatible  with my socket, any suggestions??

      pics of the cpu-z info


      cpu: http://www.imaxenes.com/imagen/cpu1ve59ql.jpg.html

      mainboard: http://www.imaxenes.com/imagen/mainboard1ey15yy.jpg.html


      note: i asked in the asus oficial site and nobody answser, and i can't find more info in the asus site, to help me.


      sorry for my bad english i'm from mexico, jejeje