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    Increased Dynamic Range From RGB and IR sensors (d415)


      Is it possible to get more dynamic range out of a single color channel from the RGB sensor? For instance, instead of 24 bit RGB for all three color channels would it be possible to get 16-bit gray scale from just the red channel?  I see that the sensor supports 16bit grayscale for a combination of all three channels averaged, but is it possible to get this level of detail from just one color channel? (If it requires disabling output from the other two remaining channels we would still be open to it)


      We would also like to get more than 8 bit gray scale from the IR sensors. Currently in the build of librealsense2 that we are using, it seems that the IR sensors only support (Y8), however  (Y10) and (Y16) seem to throw exceptions.


      If anyone has any suggestions for how we could increase dynamic range for these cases, it would be greatly appreciated.