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    Bug report: regression; Intel HD 620 and 630 fail to decode WebM VP9 with 4.4.4 chroma subsampling


      Use any browser that supports hardware accelerated video rendering. We tested in Vivaldi, Chrome and Firefox.

      Load a video that uses WebM with the VP9 codec, with chroma subsampling set to 4.4.4.

      If you have an Intel 620 or 630 GPU chip, it will fail to render correctly, and instead comes out as a grey patchy image. The same video works correctly on the Intel 520 GPU.


      We tested on 5 separate computers using these graphics chips, and tested with a variety of driver versions. The driver versions didn't make any difference.


      When the video was created with 4.2.0 chroma subsampling, it worked correctly in all cases, so the bug seems to be related to the use of 4.4.4.


      Test videos created using libvpx-vp9 on FFMpeg.


      Attached the video that shows the problem, and the DxDiag output from a computer where the problem could be seen.