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    Intel hd 520 (lenovo miix 510) cant display to hdmi via usb-c adaptor



      I cant display to hdmi via the usb-c port (with usb-c -> hdmi adaptor)

      Display works in bios.

      Display works with microsoft basic driver (mirrored)

      When installing intel hd 520 driver from lenovo or latest from intel, hdmi gets no signal

      The intel drivers detect the external monitr (it detects the name of external monitor) but i cannot make it active or display to it.

      windows 10 x64 1803

      Screenshot 2018-05-23 20.58.50.png

      after this screen, screen goes blank, then appears with just built in display

      I have tried with latest driver: released yesterday, still no display, i have also tried 4 dfferent drivers from lenovo and intel, same result.

      Screenshot 2018-05-23 22.35.25.png


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