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    Some problem with my new Realsense D415


      I bought 2 intel D415 and I've the same problems with both of them.

      1- Even if I plug the cams in a USB3 slot my Pc recognize them as USB2.

      2 - In the intel viewer I can see the camera (with USB2 in the device name) but if I try it on Unity with the wrapper, unity give me this error: "xception: Failed to resolve request. No device found that satisfies all requirements
      rs2_config_resolve(config:0000000051C31C90, pipe:0000000051C31810)
      Intel.RealSense.Helpers+ErrorMarshaler.MarshalNativeToManaged (IntPtr pNativeData)
      Intel.RealSense.Config.Resolve (Intel.RealSense.Pipeline pipe)
      RealSenseDevice.Awake () (at Assets/Scripts/RealSenseDevice.cs:87)"

      3 - I tried a lot of times to update the firmware but it give me this error:

      Intel (TM) Firmware Update:
      [1] Intel(R) RealSense(TM) 415 Depth (FW Version:

      Enter camera number to update: (any out of bounds index to go back to main menu)1
      Enter path and filename (e.g. c:\Documents\newFirmware.bin: )c:\firmware.bin
      Updating firmware to c:\firmware.bin
      No DFU device was connected
      Failed to burn firmware

      and then I need to unplug an replug the camera in order to detect it again

      Thank you!