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    RealSense Hardware Sync Cabling Question




      I need to link 5 cameras together for HW sync and have the whitepaper describing this but still have a couple questions:


      - What are the distance limitations for the HW sync cable? With 5 cameras spaced 2-3 feet apart, will this be a problem to connect Master>slave>slave>slave>slave across 10 feet?

      - With no diagram in the whitepaper, I'm not 100% on cabling. Is it just pins 5 and 9 on each camera that need to connect to pins 5 and 9 on every other camera? It sounds simple, just want to make sure:







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          Whilst an Intel support team member may be able to give you a more accurate figure for hardware sync cable distance, I would speculate that since the cable would not be carrying high volumes of data bandwidth like the USB cable does, distance should be less than an issue (though signal will degrade over distance with most cables unless the signal is refreshed by running it through a boosting device such as a 'repeater').


          Again, I will have to defer to Intel on answering the question about pins.  Good luck! 

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            Intel Corporation
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            Hello Danwheeler,
            Thank you for your interest on Intel® RealSense™ Technology.
            The multi-camera hardware sync feature of the D400 series cameras is not yet enabled in hardware or firmware. The requirement for the feature will be to support more than 10 feet between cameras and only one pin from Master to Slave(s). We do not have a schedule for when this feature will be available.
            I hope you find this information helpful.
            Please, let us know if further assistance is required or if we can close this case.
            Best regards,

            Josh B.
            Intel Customer Support


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              got it. thanks for the info.