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    Unable to use three 4K screens (HDMI 2.0 issues)


      According to the support page "Setting Up Multiple Displays for the Intel® NUC", the NUC6i7KYK should be able to support three 4K screens.

      I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 running Linux kernel 4.15.0-20


      I'm using three LG 27UD68P-B screens (With "Super Resolution+" and "HDMI UHD Deep Color" enabled):

      1. Using the USB-C output » Displayport
      2. Using the miniDP » Displayport
      3. And the last one using a HDMI 2.0 cable from the HDMI output » HDMI input


      As soon as I attach the HDMI cable things start going wrong, but each environment goes wrong a bit differently:

      • In GDM3 (the login manager) All 3 screens actually work! At 60Hz even. And I get no jitter or image corruptions.
      • When logging into Gnome Shell, only the HDMI screen will work, dragging any window will cause some mosaïque-like corruption (video below).
      • Gnome Shell using Wayland just refuses to open.
      • The Ubuntu MATE desktop interface will just mirror all 3 displays, attempting to change this will cause all 3 screens to be garbled.
      • Even using the HDMI screen at a LOWER resolution (like regular 1080p) will cause the mosaïque issue.



      So how can I solve this?