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    S5000PAL Won't Boot After BMC Update


      I updated the BMC to version 0.65, or tried, on my S5000PAL using a DOS boot disk and the DOS Update from Intel's website.  The update appears to have failed - the system will not boot in normal mode now.


      If I set the BMC Force Update jumper, it will boot.  I can then try to reflash the .65 update (I've also tried to revert to .63 and .62).  The Boot block and PIA appear to update just fine, but the OpCode block does not - it is always 0.00!


      I have tried the following flags, as per this program: fwpiaupd -u -b -o -pia -ni -p -noverify -nopc ALBMC65.hex


      Please tell me someone knows how to fix this!