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    Help finding a driver for my 82915G/GV/910GL chipset that does NOT use igxpdx32.dll file

      Hello and I hope someone can help me find an older driver for my 82915G/GV/910GL grafics chipset that does not use the file igxpdx32.dll in its drivers.

      I am trying to play some online games (final fantasy xi) and recently that file has caused the computer to blue screen of death. I was browsing the web and some people out there said it was a somewhat common problem with part of the rendering of this or that and it was very probably a super easy fix (if you can find an old driver set that just does not use that file)


      So, any help that could be provided in that form, (or any other form) would be great.


      If there are some other options and you would like detailed specs of computer or detailed dump information to further troubleshoot, that can be provided. *I will need to gather that stuff up tho*


      Thank you a ton for any suggestions/support!